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Eric Vickers

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Eric is our Delivery Director and presents our Saturday morning show


Hi, my name is Eric Vickers I’ve been part of Chorley Fm for over 13 years. I started my career back in November of 2005 where I started on the afternoon show 12 till 2 where I progressed to mid-morning show and where I have been for the past 11 years. It all happened by accident when I was asked to cover a show for Kit Kat Radio on Blackpool Pleasure Beach. I then got the bug for it and I ended up doing a couple of seasons for them. From there I went on to work at Preston hospital radio, where I was for about 5 years, so you may have already heard me on the radio before. I got an opportunity to join 87.9 Preston FM to where I was there for only about 3 months before I was asked by Chorley Fm to come and join them. Since joining Chorley Fm I’ve become the head of music and the delivery director, as well as being a presenter.

If you have never heard my show why not join me each and every Saturday morning from 9 till 12 where I do the retro top ten at ten, the daily brainteaser & rock your socks off every weekend.