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Lie In With Nicola 02/09/18 with Robert Lock

Written by on 31/08/2018

This week Nicola will be joined by Robert Lock, author of Murmuration.

The publication of the novel is a 34-year-old dream come true for Rob, who signed a deal with legend Press of London last year.

Rob is well known to Nicola in her role as a journalist as he is also press photographer and worked for Johnston Press – particularly the Blackpool Gazette, Lytham St Annes Express and Fleetwood Weekly News – for 23 years.

His novel is inspired by Blackpool’s North Pier and the spectacular aerial displays from Starlings there in winter.

Rob, 57, has been writing fiction since the age of 14 and draws inspiration from the magic realism genre.


Rob said:

“The book tells the story of five different people whose lives are connected in one way or another to the pier of a seaside resort. It is not Blackpool and North Pier, but obviously working here for years I have got inspiration from the town.“If anyone has seen the starling flocks in flight over North Pier they will remember, it’s an amazing spectacle and those murmurations are like a metaphor that runs through the book.”



Murmuration in paperback or e-book form via Amazon