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About Chorley FM

102.8 Chorley FM is a community radio station which is licensed by Ofcom, our media regulator in the UK, to provide a radio service to Chorley and Surrounding Villages and Towns.


History of Chorley FM

102.8 Chorley FM was born in 2001 founded by several local individuals who each held an interest in Radio, the Local Community, or both. Chorley FM was granted permission by Ofcom to complete several short-term (RSL) broadcasts prior to our full-time license provision in 2006.

In 2006, the media regulator Ofcom granted Chorley FM Limited a full-time Community broadcast license for the term of 5 years. In November 2006, Chorley FM began broadcasting on 102.8fm.

Since the launch in 2006, and following a further revision in 2015 to the key commitments that form part of the station licensing arrangements with regulator Ofcom – Chorley FM has continuously developed in order to better meet the needs of our primary and secondary target audiences as defined by of license conditions; to serve the local communities that live, work or study in Chorley borough, with specific focused programming in the weekly schedule for local 16-25 year olds and the local LGBT community (Lesbian, Gay, Bi-sexual and Transgender).

In 2016, Chorley FM Limited applied for a second extension to its Community Radio License under which 102.8 Chorley FM operates and which was to expire in November 2016. Ofcom recognised the consistent and measured approach to meeting the needs to our audience and having satisfied our success in delivering against our key commitments. In doing so Ofcom granted our extended license for a further 5 years securing our authority to broadcast by FM until November 2021.

102.8 Chorley FM now has a well-established community presence, regularly working within the local community to help increase awareness and popularity of the station. Chorley FM continually runs community training programmes to help members of the local community develop personal skills. We are committed to serving the community through social inclusion, the provision of training programmes accessible to the community as a whole and community service announcements – ensuring that community news reaches the audience to which we serve.

Chorley FM is committed to the growth of both the radio station and its local community partners. The stations’ board of directors continually assess the station performance and constantly drive to exceed the expectations of our volunteers, local community and customers.


Chorley FM Board of Directors

The Chorley FM Limited board of directors is responsible for the overall management of the station and its volunteers, and are legally responsible for all business activity. The board of directors actively liaise with representatives of all station volunteers who attend regular board meetings, ensuring that the voice and opinions of all volunteers are taken into account in any key decision-making process. This ensures that volunteers are both informed and involved in the direct management of the station.

The board encourages both listeners and members of the local community to actively support the station and its work and invite listeners to offer comment and suggestion about the stations output.

The board of directors are individuals with a wide range of experience in areas not just concerned with the radio industry.

Our current board of directors:


Stuart Clutton                Managing Director.

Simon Field                     Communities Director.



Contact us

You can request further information, or make suggestions/comments about Chorley FM by emailing your questions to