Public File

102.8 Chorley FM is a community radio station licensed (license CR025) by OFCOM, the regulator and competition authority for the UK Communications Industries. Our primary broadcasting area is the Chorley Borough and surrounding towns and villages. The radio station is a not-for-profit organisation that is staffed in whole by volunteers.

All Ofcom licensed radio stations in the UK have obligations to abide by the conditions of its license and to ensure that the terms set out in the Ofcom Broadcasters Code are adhered to with regards to its programmes, including its music and local content. These obligations are set out in the Community Radio station “Key Commitments” which forms part of this station’s Public File. The Public File is available via our website or by post, in hard copy to any member of the public upon reasonable request.

Chorley FM is a limited company registered with Companies House as an active company operating in England, sometimes refereed to as a ‘Community organisation limited by guarantee’ – Registration: 04316993.

As well as being able to contact the station via our website, you can write to Chorley FM at:

Chorley FM
Railway House
Railway Road

You can call the Chorley FM studio on 01257 262661
To enquire about advertising on Chorley FM, call our sales team on 01257 75 25 25

Key Contacts
Chorley FM Limited is operated in accordance with the companies Memorandum of Association, registered with Companies House and also approved by Ofcom as our media regulator. It is the responsibility of our Board of Directors to facilitate the compliant operation of the company at all times.

The Chorley FM Limited (04316993) Board of Directors are:

Donna Beckett.           Managing Director & Company Secretary.
Barbara Lowe.            Communities Director.
Graeme Robertson.  Technical  & Delivery Director.
Mark Jarnell.              Personnel  Director.

Non-Executive Directors.

Steve Lowe.               Non-Executive Director.

If you have a complaint to make about 102.8 Chorley FM, in the first instance you should contact the Board of Directors at the address above, or by emailing: Your complaint will be dealt with in accordance to our complaints procedure and you can expect a response to your complaint in a timely fashion. If you are unhappy with the response you receive, you can also complain directly to our media regulator, Ofcom. Full contact details can be obtained at their website:

The station programme schedule is regularly reviewed to ensure that the station consistently meets the expectations of the community we serve. Sometimes however, due to the availability of our volunteer presenter base, last-minute and unannounced changes to our schedule may be made.

All of our programming is produced locally from our studio facility in Chorley, with the exception of the following regular scheduled programmes:

Music Unleashed Top 40
Graeme Park

Occasionally, we may also air other content that is not produced locally but such content will never suggest that it has been produced by Chorley FM, even if such content does not specifically identify its source.

Chorley FM Limited will broadcast a national news summary, that includes news summary from across the globe; on the hour, every hour (with limited exceptions) and is a service provided to Chorley FM Limited by Sky News Radio (formerly IRN News Service). The audio and journalistic content of these bulletins remains the sole responsibility of Sky News Radio and Chorley FM Limited does not hold influence or control in the nature or context of the broadcast. The news broadcast will be clearly identified to listeners as a broadcast by Sky News Radio and listeners will always be made aware both prior to, and at the start of the hourly broadcast of the contents source. In the event of a significant news event, Chorley FM Limited may chose without prior notice to its audience to switch to any exceptional coverage provided by Sky News Radio in its service provision to the station.

Chorley FM also commits to the broadcast of local community news, delivered by both live and pre-recorded medium throughout the course of normal daytime output.

The Chorley FM Events Diary broadcasts regularly throughout our normal daytime output. It features local community and not for profit events. Chorley FM Limited provides the service to non-commercial entities; defined as an organisation working for the local community and without a specific commercial objective. Promotion is neither committed to nor guaranteed and the decision of Chorley FM Limited as to an organisations eligibility for free promotion will be final.

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