27th December 2014

Lancashire Mind Mental Elf Run

Chorley FM HQ



On Sunday 21st December Ashley Park in Chorley was invaded by over 300 elves all different ages, as they all took part in the first annual Metal Elf run, the event was organised by Lancashire Mind who`s aims are to raise awareness of mental health illness. The run was also to raise awareness that regular exercise doesn’t just improve your cardiovascular system and regular health but also your mental health to. Chorley FM’s Adam Platt went down on the day to speak to some of the organisers and staff at the charity and to show the stations support in the work that they do. Adam spoke to the Chief Executive Stewart Lucas who said “The message the charity is trying to give is that anybody can get out there and run, jog or walk and it has a massive impact on your mental health so it is very worth it. I am also very pleased with the turnout at today’s event having over 300 people register and getting into the spirit of things and dressing up as elf’s which is what the run todays is about having fun but also to raise awareness. It is vital that events such as this event goes ahead as the charity needs funding to keep on going supporting people with mental health illnesses but also to raise awareness”. Adam also spoke to the Vice Chair of the charity Jenny Hodgekiss who said “It is the first time we have run this event and the turnout has been absolutely fantastic, all the runners got into the spirit which was fantastic to see, We are looking to plan some more events in aid of Lancashire mind to help raise money and to help the new strategy that the charity has set up to raise awareness if people would like to support the charity they can do so by visiting www.lancashiremind.org.uk .