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On the 2nd March, the rules on Drug Driving are changing and could affect millions of drivers. To find out more listen to our interview with Alison Ashworth, Head of Motoring Law at Forster Dean.

The angels set up at the end of 2013 after leaders Gail and David Forrest decided it was time to leave the St Johns Ambulance unit in Chorley where they both racked up over 15 years each of service to the charity. They both decided it was time to up stick  More...

Interview with Russ Winstanley the DJ at Wigan Casino from 1973-1981 talking about the music and his famous 3 before 8.

Interview with Joanne Pickering, Head of HR at Forbes Solicitors discussing why contracts of employment are important for any business.

Interview with Adam Moore, Contract Exercise Manager at Active Nation in Chorley talking about how keeping fit and regular exercise can help prevent major illnesses. We also discuss the work Active Nation are doing in the local community and across the UK  More...