Business Directory Terms and Conditions

1. The Chorley FM Online Business Directory may be used for both Business to Consumer, and Business to Business Marketing Please note that Chorley FM Limited does not check or verify the businesses listed.

2. All businesses can be included in this list for free.

Please note: all charity and community organisations can also be included in the online directory free of charge.

3. Changes must be updated by resubmitting a new directory listing followed by an email to requesting that your original listing be removed. Multiple listings will not be allowed.

4. Data entered is accepted by Chorley FM Limited ‘in good faith’.

5. By joining the database companies agree to being contacted by Chorley FM Limited either in writing , by telephone or electronically.

6. Chorley FM Limited reserves the right to delete any entry in the Business Directory, without notice or justification.

7. Misuse of the Directory by any business will result in removal from the list.

8. Chorley FM Limited do not offer any guarantee on the validity of any information contained within the directory whether implied or otherwise.

9. Chorley FM Limited relinquishes all liability for the services provided by any provider listed in the Directory and full responsibility for any interaction remains with the individual.


The inclusion of any company name in this directory should not be seen as an endorsement of that company’s products and/or services, nor it is a select list of companies that Chorley FM Limited uses.